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SBI offers doorstep banking services to its customers; here’s what we know

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The country’s largest public lender, State Bank of India, provides doorstep banking to a select group of customers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the service was made available to customers who are senior citizens, differently-abled people, people with certified chronic illnesses, and the visually impaired.

Senior citizens over 70, differently-abled or infirm individuals (with a medically certified chronic illness or disability), including the visually impaired, are eligible for the scheme. Accounts that are fully KYC compliant, single accounts, and joint accounts with either a survivor/former or a survivor are also eligible.

Customers with a registered address within a 5-kilometre radius of the Home Branch, as per the lender. SBI tweeted the scheme, saying, “SBI at your doorstep!!!” SBI offers free “Door Step Banking Services” three times a month to differently-abled customers.”

Know how to avail the SBI Doorstep Banking Services via Yono:
1) Go to the SBI Yono App
2) Click on the services request menu 
3) Choose a doorstep banking service
4) Request cheque pickup, cash pickup, or other services
Know how to register for the service
Customers of State Bank of India must register for SBI doorstep banking by dialling 1800 1037 188 or 1800 1213 721.
5) Banking services are available at your door.

The following doorstep banking services are now available at select branches:
1) Cash pickup
2) Cash delivery
3) Cheque pickup
4) Cheque requisition slip pickup
5) Form 15H pickup
6) Delivery of drafts
7) Delivery of term deposit advice
8) Life certificate pickup
9) KYC documents pickup

Highlights of SBI doorstep banking:
1) Registration is completed at the Home Branch
2) Requests for doorstep banking services should only be made at the Home Branch
3) The maximum cash withdrawal and deposit amount are Rs 20,000/- per transaction per day
4) Non-financial transactions incur a service charge of Rs 60/+GST per visit, while financial transactions incur a charge of Rs 100/+GST
5) Withdrawals will be permitted by using a cheque/withdrawal form with the Passbook
6) The delivery would be made using best efforts, but no later than T+1 working day (holidays excluded)

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